Remington Shavers

"When my wife bought me a Remington shaver, I was so impressed I bought the company." - Victor Kiam, Owner of Remington Shavers

Remington is one of the most popular names when it comes to electric shavers. The company, formally known Remington Products, used to be a part of Remington Rand, but the shaving division was sold to an entrepreneur named Victor Kiam. He was more famously known as the Remington spokesman and owner of the New England Patriots football team.

Types of Remington Electric Razors

Remington made their first electric razor in 1937. Since that time, they've continued to innovate and improve on their original design.

Remington Shavers AdThey make a full line of shavers, for men and women, with different technologies. They offer both foil and rotary shavers too.

The Flex 360 is their line of rotary shavers for men. It has flexing heads to stay close to the face, and the neck pivots in every direction, allowing for maximum contact. The best Remington shavers are their rotary shavers.

The MicroScreen line includes Remington's foil shavers. These are generally less expensive than the rotary models, but still shave very close for smooth skin.

The women's line is made up of the ladies' electric shavers, epilators, and personal groomers.

The women's shavers are the foil style, and include wet/dry models for easy shaving after a shower. They also have a moisturizing strip built-in next to the foils for extra comfort.

The epilators are effective for women who prefer tweezing over shaving.

Finally, they offer "personal" groomers, which are for the ladies' bikini areas. They're much smaller and made for precision hair removal.

Quality and Reputation

Any list of the best-selling electric shavers at any store always includes a Remington model near the top. Their rotary shavers are more affordable than other brands, but are still a high-quality product. And when it comes to foil shavers, Remington's are among the best-rated and best-loved. They have the most loyal customers.

If you're looking for a new electric shaver, you can't go wrong with a Remington. They're known for standing behind their product and have a long history of making good things.

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Remington Ladies Shaver

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Remington Travel Shaver

Remington MSC-140

The Remington MSC-140 is an electric razor made for travel. It’s probably okay for everyday use, but at its sub-$20 price tag, you can’t expect it to last very long if you’re shaving with it daily.

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Remington Flex 360

Remington R-7130

The R-7130 is one of Remington’s best-selling rotary shavers. It’s a mid-price model that’s generally regarded as Remington’s best value.

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Remington MS2-390

Remington MS2-390

The Remington MS2-390 is the best-selling electric shaver from Remington Products. This is a foil shaver in the sub-$100 price range. Users are impressed by the quality they get for a low price.

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